Thursday, March 11, 2010


Juli and I have always wanted kids but have not found the right time to have them. We were lucky enough to have a really good friend from work that just so happened to get pregnant in 2006 and Lilly was born in 2007. Recently baby number two Paige was born in December. Since the beginning Juli and I have taken on these two great girls as our pseudo children. I am in hopes that we can settle down soon and start a family of our own. And NO we will not give up our fun time with Lil and Paige. Recently Juli and I took a trip to San Francisco with the kids. The Exploratorium  is great for both kids and adults. Below I posted pictures and videos of our excursions.

Our morning started with a great breakfast.

Paige doing what Paige does best.

Lilly learning what getting REALLY dizzy feels like.

By far the best part of this trip, gotta love simple bubbles.
(The pink thing on Lil's back is a backpack equipped with a leash. The little lady is fast.)

More bubbles..
Lilly flirting....

A nice snack break on a great day.

Paige sleeping through the ENTIRE process.

I think this is a great place to play, watched by angels.

Paige-Still Sleeping, Lilly-Sleeping, Juli-On the brink of collapse, Michael-fending off the homeless and watching for our bus.

After a long day what's better than a blanky, bear, and chocolate milk?

Wow, Paige is finally awake, as we head home. Great timing.

This is great.

Simple, yet entertaining.

Hopefully it's not toxic. She got a mouth full every time she popped one.

Lilly Dances to her sister fussing?? HAHAHAHA....

So, overall the trip to SF was a success. Here is where this blog differs from Facebook or Myspace. I need to get the emo crap out and get some feedback. In watching these two children (2 month old and 3 year old) I found something in myself. I had a inclining of this since Lilly was borne but this weekend brought it to my attention. I felt an extreme comfort in hanging out with the family. It was so simple, watching the kids do there thing takes me away from all of life's daily BS. I felt a security in that there was a primal need to protect and provide for these kids that were relying on me. It was an amazing feeling. I'm not going to lie, it is a process for sure and it consumes every moment of your life. The lack of sleep and hard decisions are made easier by enjoying all the little nuances of kid life. Am I ready for kids right this second? No. But in 9 months???? HAHAHAHAHAHA..... TBD.

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  1. It's part of the growing up process to feel like having children. Children are a gift from God. They are a true asset to your life and family. They help put priorities in line. I am happy for you!